‘Joyful Noise’

Here is one of my 2D mixed media pieces. It is 24″ X 36″ on a 3/4″ gallery wrapped canvas. I used torn paper and acrylic paint to create this lively, bright and joyful painting.

My goal was to create a piece of art that conveyed hope, life and maybe the suggestion of new beginnings. I find it very freeing to allow myself to just ‘play’ and meander with only a vague concept or even initially no concept. Sometimes as the process of ‘doing’ unfolds, the way opens up and invites me to follow. This was essentially an ‘alla prima’ painting that I completed in one session.

My more realistic landscapes can take many hours, days and sometimes weeks to complete because I typically know what I want them to look like even if I don’t always know how to get them there initially. Consequently they require more study and ‘work’ for me to complete. My 2D images are often much more spontaneous and I always hope that sense of freedom and exuberance will show through.

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