I love playing in my studio!

Playing in my studio

I love playing in my studio! That means that I am always experimenting with ideas for different creations. I am like a sponge absorbing interesting scenes, images, themes, etc. If I see artwork I love that is different from mine I want to play to see how I might incorporate that into something I create. If I am out on a walk and am smitten with some image I find intriguing or beautiful I will snap a photo of it with my cell phone. Many of those photos end up becoming paintings.

“Birches” is one of those ‘experiments’. I really wanted to do a decorative painting that was fresh, iconic and cheerful. Birch trees seemed like the perfect choice having spent so many summers in northern Michigan. I had been seeing many posts on Facebook from the Davis Vachon Gallery http://www.vachonarts.com/ in Fort Wayne, Indiana and was intrigued by their decorative images. So I was off to the races with this painting!

Playing in my studio
Playing in my studio

The Process

My goal was to create a fun, summery, happy painting. This painting just evolved as I was painting it. I didn’t do any preliminary sketches but started by just putting paint to canvas and seeing where it led me. So what could be better for a fun summer painting than to have sun, water and cheery birch trees?

“Birches” is a 24″ X 36″ acrylic painting on 3/4 inch gallery wrapped canvas. I has been varnished and wired and is ready to brighten someone’s home.

Hope you enjoy viewing this painting as much as I did creating it! You can read about many more of my paintings here: https://kathyandersonart.com/category/paintings

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  1. I really love this and are nurturing the playful side in creating. We are going with our kids early in June but we really want to get together with you soon. Maybe you and I could paint…

    • Kathy Anderson says:

      I would love that Mary Helen! You will have to let me know when you might be available.

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