Fun with Flamingos

Painting Flamingos

I decided it was time to have some summer fun in the studio. What better way to welcome the summer than to paint flamingos.


Canvas Prep

I had a left over 16 X 20 canvas from my adult acrylic classes It was one that I had encouraged my students to use to practice the technique and feel of the palette knife. Several students came over and applied some paint to the canvas to see how it would feel and look. Afterward I thought I would use that canvas as a base for my flamingos as the knife practice on it had built up some interesting impasto effects. I love the effects that texture can create under a painting. In my finished painting you can see the residual knife marks due to that underlying texture.

I knew before I started that I wanted a beautiful watery blue background so I started there but was careful to not fully cover all of the original underlying color as well. Then to further the water effect I splattered white paint over the canvas and let it dry before beginning my flamingos. The fun pink, red and salmon colors of the flamingos stand out boldly against the luscious blue background. The end result is a pair of very happy birds ready to enjoy some summer fun.

Prints Available

The original canvas is a 20″ X 16″ 3/4 gallery wrap with varnish.

My husband, Tony, has done a fabulous job on this image making beautiful prints which are available for sale in sizes ranging from 8″ X 10″ up to 20″ X 16″ printed on Hot Pressed Natural 100% Cotton fiber paper that is acid and lignin free. They are printed with archival pigment based inks.

2 Responses

  1. Charla Devine says:

    Love it!

  2. Kathy Anderson says:

    Thanks Charla. It was a lot of fun to do as well. Another ‘happy’ painting.

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